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    Archived pages: 136 . Archive date: 2013-07.

  • Title: Ramminger Michael
    Descriptive info: Michael Ramminger.. Prokurist, Leitung Transport.. Telefon:.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21 22.. Mobile:.. +43 (0) 676 845 121 555.. E-Mail:.. Download Outlook Visitenkarte.. Anfrage senden.. Anrede.. Bitte wählen.. Frau.. Herr.. Name.. E-Mail.. Nachricht..

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  • Title: Tschabitscher Patrick
    Descriptive info: Patrick Tschabitscher.. Disposition.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21 12.. +43 (0) 676 845 121 666..

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  • Title: Mair Richard
    Descriptive info: Richard Mair.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21 13.. +43 (0) 676 845 121 444..

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  • Title: Gründl Gerald
    Descriptive info: Gerald Gründl.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21.. +43 (0) 676 845 121 222..

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  • Title: Mosbacher Bernadette
    Descriptive info: Bernadette Mosbacher.. Lademittelverwaltung, Administration.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21 11..

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  • Title: Posch Christopher
    Descriptive info: Christopher Posch.. Logistik.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21 28.. +43 (0) 676 845 121 888..

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  • Title: Matzhold Logistics - News and events
    Descriptive info: CONTACT.. LOCATION.. FREIGHT FORWARDING.. Land transport.. Sea and Air Freight.. Express &.. Special Shipments.. Customs Management.. TRANSPORT.. Europe.. FTL / LTL Transport.. Refrigerated transport.. LOGISTICS.. Storage Management.. Storage of Goods.. Removal Services.. ENVIRONMENT.. THE COMPANY.. ISO-Standards.. and Approvals.. Chronology.. Contact persons.. INFRASTRUCTURE.. Office Space Rental.. In-house vehicle service and repair workshop in Dietmannsdorf.. 6/25/2012.. Matzhold Transport & Logistics has built its own vehicle workshop in Dietmannsdorf.. more.. Installation of two grid-independent photovoltaic systems.. 6/22/2012.. Matzhold Transport & Logistics has installed two grid-independent photovoltaic systems, each of 200kW peak output.. Planning a new logistics centre  ...   areas.. Storage Options in Ilz.. 5/27/2012.. With storage areas from Matzhold logistics you can benefit from a perfect inventory control and professional warehouse management.. Entire vehicle fleet converted to low emission vehicles.. 5/25/2012.. Matzhold Transport & Logistics operates environmentally-oriented logistics to ensure the best possible protection of our environment and climate.. Environmental Approval Audit.. 5/22/2012.. Matzhold Transport & Logistics is working towards becoming a qualified operator and gaining approval to the environmental standard ISO 14002.. NEWSLETTER.. Sign up for our.. newsletter.. and receive.. regularly, free news in your inbox.. Home.. Contact.. Imprint.. Terms and conditions..

    Original link path: /en/news-events/
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  • Title: Matzhold Logistics - Jobs and application
    Descriptive info: Application.. Would you like to be part of our success?.. The logistics and freight forwarding industry offers career opportunities and potential more than almost any other industry.. Why not join in and experience the "networked" world together with us!.. If you want to be part of our successful company, please fill out our online application form:.. online application.. Or send your detailed and written application by post.. or e-mail to:.. attn.. Mr.. Michael Ramminger.. Arndorf 72, 8181 Unterfladnitz.. michael.. ramminger@matzhold..

    Original link path: /en/jobs/
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  • Title: Matzhold Transport and Logistic - Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Persons.. Direction / Location.. Arndorf 72, A-8181 Unterfladnitz.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21.. Fax: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 21.. E-Mail:.. General inqiury:.. Title.. Ms.. Firstname.. Lastname.. Company.. Phone.. Message.. How did you find us?.. Please choose.. Business Partner.. Friends.. Google.. Other search engine.. Magazine..

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  • Title: Johannes Matzhold GesmbH - Location
    Descriptive info: DIRECTION / LOCATION.. Phone: +43 (0 ) 3178 51 21.. Fax:.. +43 (0) 3178 51 21 21.. Hide map.. Enlarge map..

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  • Title: Matzhold freight forwarding - your partner around europe
    Descriptive info: Matzhold Spedition - Your reliable partner.. for freight forwarding on Europe´s road network.. Reliability.. ,.. quality.. and an increasingly complex.. range of services.. are the future challenges facing the trucking industry.. Years of experience.. and technical.. know-how.. in logistics solutions secure significant productivity and.. competitive advantages.. and set the trend for the future  ...   highest.. flexibility.. and.. professionalism.. in all the logistics services it offers and has established itself as a.. leader.. through development of an extensive global network.. We offer our customers a broad spectrum of transportation and logistics services, which are tailor-made and optimised for each client.. Rely on our.. experience.. and broad range of.. expertise..

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