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  • Title: Matzhold logistics - storage management
    Descriptive info: CONTACT.. LOCATION.. FREIGHT FORWARDING.. Land transport.. Sea and Air Freight.. Express &.. Special Shipments.. Customs Management.. TRANSPORT.. Europe.. FTL / LTL Transport.. Refrigerated transport.. LOGISTICS.. Storage Management.. Storage of Goods.. Removal Services.. ENVIRONMENT.. THE COMPANY.. ISO-Standards.. and Approvals.. Chronology.. Contact persons.. INFRASTRUCTURE.. Office Space Rental.. STORAGE MANAGEMENT.. Good organisation and careful planning are the keys to successful.. efficient warehouse management.. Our experienced and.. qualified staff.. have a.. particularly high level of expertise.. in logistics and warehouse management, to ensure professional handling of all storage management systems.. High value is placed  ...   consignment stock.. and.. outsourcing.. , which are supported and implemented by the.. latest technology.. Inventory management and other value-added services are available at all times - our staff are there, ready and willing, to deal with your specific request and to ensure the trouble free operation and perfect implementation of your logistics agreement.. Rely on Matzhold storage management and take advantage of the benefits:.. Optimisation of procurement processes.. Reduction in procurement costs.. Reduce overall cycle time.. Optimised inventory levels.. Compliance with all environmental regulations.. Home.. Contact.. Imprint.. Terms and conditions..

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  • Title: Matzhold logistics - storage of goods
    Descriptive info: STORAGE OF GOODS.. Different products require different types of storage.. Depending on the shape, size, turnover rate and shelf-life of the stored goods, we offer a.. variety of tailor-made customer solutions.. for the.. efficient storage.. of your goods.. Rely on our.. expertise.. quality assurance.. in the field of  ...   a.. close inspection.. In addition to checking quantities, we also control the quality of the outer packaging container, as this is a key indicator for the quality of your stored goods.. The storage bin and all detailed information are.. recorded electronically.. and can be traced at all times..

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  • Title: Matzhold logistics - value added services
    Descriptive info: VALUE ADDED SERVICES.. Matzhold logistics makes more of your goods, because your success is important to us.. Tailored to your.. individual requirements.. , we offer.. customised add-on solutions.. , and value added services.. All of our value added services are.. tailored exactly.. to your.. wishes.. needs.. and customised to your products and your industry.. Increase your.. productivity.. and your.. profitability.. through our comprehensive benefits and take advantage of our experience and resources to.. optimise your warehouse processes.. Some examples of our value added services:.. Order picking.. Product assembly.. Packaging.. Marking / labelling.. Quality control.. Environmental disposal.. Customs services..

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  • Title: Matzhold logistics - removal services
    Descriptive info: REMOVAL SERVICES.. As a modern and innovative transportation and logistics company, we take care of our customers when.. moving.. or.. relocating.. We adapt precisely to the needs of our customers and also have the.. correct solution.. for special requirements.. We treat each move as a logistical task, which is planned in advance and then performed in a..  ...   organisation for you from A to Z, and ensure that the right personnel, the necessary fleet of vehicles, as well as the packing materials and equipment needed for a perfect relocation, are all available.. We put the.. quality.. satisfaction.. of our.. customers.. first.. Our experienced staff welcome every new challenge and will advise you personally and professionally..

    Original link path: /en/logistics/removal-services/
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  • Title: Matzhold transport and logistics - environment
    Descriptive info: "Green" Logistics for the sustainable protection of our environment.. As a pan-European provider of transportation, freight forwarding and logistics solutions, environmental protection is a key focus of our corporate and social responsibility and through.. ecology-oriented logistics.. we therefore take special consideration to.. protect the environment.. we live in.. We are aware of our.. environmental responsibility.. and at the heart of our corporate philosophy we therefore place the control and optimisation of.. climatic and environmental performance.. , as well as quality assurance for all the services we offer, alongside customer satisfaction.. To minimise impact on the climate and the environment as far as possible, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our  ...   young and innovative company we are always looking for more environmentally friendly and alternative ways to deliver our transport and freight forwarding services.. A big step towards.. "green" logistics.. is our modern fleet with.. low emission standards.. and the use of.. resource-saving concepts.. Our entire vehicle scheduling is balanced so as to organise selected routes.. economically.. and to avoid potential excess or empty-load mileage.. Also, all our employees act responsibly and with.. consideration for.. our.. environment.. climate.. With the measures we have already set to minimise the impact caused to the climate and the environment, we are well on the way to.. active environmental protection.. that is constantly optimised through continuous improvement..

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  • Title: Matzhold freight forwarding - our company
    Descriptive info: As an experienced provider of freight forwarding, transportation and logistics solutions, we offer a.. wide range of services.. so that we can ensure our customers get the best possible results, tailored to their particular needs and circumstances.. Through a.. strong network of partners.. throughout Europe and.. many years of experience.. we provide our customers with.. high quality services.. Innovative thinking and operations, on-time delivery.. and total customer orientation.. , combined with  ...   activity.. The satisfaction of our customers is our success.. We work together with you to develop and implement.. pan-European transport solutions.. for land, sea and air freight as well as for express and special delivery services.. Our qualified and highly trained staff can organise.. additional bespoke services.. , provide you with the.. appropriate storage areas.. or manage your goods on site.. We develop the.. best plan.. for your transport and logistics operations..

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  • Title: Matzhold logistics - ISO-standards and approvals
    Descriptive info: ISO-STANDARDS AND APPROVALS.. As part of our Quality Management systems we also ensure that our operations meet and are approved to the relevant quality standards:..

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  • Title: Johannes Matzhold GmbH - Chronology
    Descriptive info: CHRONOLOGY.. 1988.. Since start-up in 1988, as a private company in Pötsching, Burgenland with one truck, the company has continuously developed and constantly adapted to the rapidly changing demands of the market.. 1990/91.. Following continuous and rapid growth the question arose in 1996 about the need for new efficient and forward-looking business premises.. These were to soon identified in Unterfladnitz.. 1997.. In 1997, the sole proprietorship was converted to a limited company with its business address at Arndorf 72,.. 8181 St.. Ruprecht.. In the same year, a 1.. 7 ha.. industrial site was purchased at Dietmannsdorf 29, 8181 St.. 1999.. Construction work was started on the office building and the 800 square meter warehouse on the industrial site.. 2000.. The company was relocated to Königsdorf.. 2001.. Further concessions were acquired in the Weiz region of Styria, (Post Code 8160).. 2005.. Due to the large customer demand and the steady growth of the company 2,500 sq.. m.. of warehouse space was rented in St..  ...   lifting capacity between 5 and 40 tonnes.. In the same year the former factory site of the Extra Company in Tannhausen, in the district of Weiz, is acquired with some 4,000 sq.. of warehouse and outside storage space.. 2011.. To keep pace with the ever growing needs of our customers, the premises of the former Backtec Company, in 8181 St.. Ruprecht, are taken over and have been operated exclusively by us since then.. The site includes 3,800 sq.. of heated production space and 1,100 sq.. meters of office space, which are available for rent.. In addition to this site, industrial land of 1.. 8 ha.. is available, on which the construction of additional storage facilities is already planned.. 2012.. Acquisition of a 1,600 sq.. warehouse in the Ilz industrial area to serve our customers in the outlying southernmost regions.. With a current workforce of 90 people, we are constantly striving to offer our customers optimal service and industry specific expertise at the highest level..

    Original link path: /en/the-company/chronology/
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  • Title: Johannes Matzhold GesmbH - Contact point
    Descriptive info: CONTACT PERSONS.. Our experienced team looks forward to every new challenge!.. The Board and General Management.. Johannes Matzhold.. General Management.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21.. more.. Dagmar Lebenbauer.. Assistant to the General Management,.. Work safety, Materials management.. Logistics.. Tanja Matzhold.. Logistics Purchasing and Management.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 25.. Mobile: +43 (0) 676 845 121 333.. Nadine Meier.. Logistics Purchasing.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 26.. Larissa Troppauer.. Amel Sahbegovic.. Book Keeping.. Roswitha Schickhofer.. Book Keeping, Accounting, Financial Control.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 16.. Dominik Reiter..  ...   24.. Transport.. Michael Ramminger.. Transport Purchasing and Management.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 22.. Mobile: +43 (0) 676 845 121 555.. Patrick Tschabitscher.. Scheduling.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 12.. Mobile: +43 (0) 676 845 121 666.. Richard Mair.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 13.. Mobile: +43 (0) 676 845 121 444.. Gerald Gründl.. Mobile: +43 (0) 676 845 121 222.. Bernadette Mosbacher.. Materials Handling, Administration.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 11.. Christopher Posch.. Phone: +43 (0) 3178 51 21 28.. Mobile: +43 (0) 676 845 121 888..

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  • Title: Matzhold transport and logistics - infrastructure
    Descriptive info: Increase your productivity with our logistics!.. The development of Matzhold transport, freight forwarding and logistics has been characterised by strong growth since its inception in 1988.. In our main office in Unterfladnitz we have over.. 18,000 sq.. of warehouse space.. 29,000 sq.. of open.. storage area.. The.. lifting capacity.. warehouse cranes.. is.. from 5 to 40 tonnes.. , while our.. fork lift trucks.. can lift.. up to 7 tonnes..

    Original link path: /en/infrastructure/
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  • Title: Matzhold freight forwarding - office space rental
    Descriptive info: OFFICE SPACE RENTAL.. Years of experience and local market knowledge are the foundation for your success.. Add office space rental to Matzhold transportation and logistics services, and you have a professional partner with extensive.. know-how.. years of experience.. at your side.. Our.. service offering is tailor made.. to your exact personal requirements - discover the wide variety and.. flexibility of our office solutions.. !.. Our goal is to provide responsive and profitable solutions for office rentals.. Whether you are interested in short, medium or long-term rental: over  ...   needs and ideas, for every type of business and every individual customer, whether a large corporation or individual entrepreneur.. Our offices are.. ready for early occupation.. and we are happy to advise you on.. flexible contract terms.. All available offices for rent have a.. fully modern infrastructure.. and are equipped with all necessary connections such as electricity, telephone and Internet.. Meeting rooms, restrooms and a kitchenette are also available for use.. Rely on Matzhold – because getting the right office is an essential aspect of your business success..

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    Archived pages: 136